~ Testimonials ~

"Suki Flash has been teaching and training in all three
phases of eventing for decades and many of her
students have moved into the professional
and/or international levels of their sport.
There are very few people in
the Northeast that are
more qualified.

In my opinion, Ms. Flash not only has a sharp
and educated eye for recognizing existing
or potential problems that exist between
horse and rider, but her ability to
articulate her thoughts into
useful techniques that will
benefit both are quite

Students love working with Ms. Flash
and all will gain not only a better
relationship with their equine
partner, but will benefit in
their own personal
self growth."

Geoff Osol
Owner, Vermont Warm Bloods

"I could not recommend Suki Flash high enough.
Suki Flash is a consummate horsewoman and
an engaged and engaging teacher. As she
knows horses, really knows horses, she is
able to evaluate their varying talents,
abilities, quirks, manners,
and characteristics.

Then, because she has taught many riders over
many years, she is able to help the rider,
whether young or old, to fully develop
their potential. Most importantly, she
works with the “team.”

The relationship between horse and rider is often
a complicated one. Suki is able to access the
particular abilities of both horse and rider
and because of this talent, she can help
the partnership move to its current
fullest potential. This she does with
kindness, humor, and lucid

Carol Stratton, Owner Rebarn


"I have known Suki Flash more than 20 years.
She runs one of the best horse facilities
in northern Vermont, mostly because
of the inclusive, friendly, cooperative
atmosphere. Suki teaches people
of all ages with no preference
for any person or group.

She appreciates the contribution
every horse can make to their
rider’s education
and progress.

Her students reflect her coaching acumen,
overall horsemanship knowledge, and
expert humane approach. Suki’s best
features are her intent concentration
on individuals, but never at the
cost of a group she is teaching
—and her irrepressible sense
of humor."

Linda Bland, U.S. Pony Club Examiner
Graduate of UNH yearlong instructors program
Eventing instructor for 36 years in 4 states
Technical Delegate for 25 years

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