Sam & Minx
Sam & Minx
~ Photo Gallery ~
Here are some of our favorite
pictures enjoying time
with the horses in
our lives.
Ali & Willow

Ali & Willow

Amy & Tica


Kerrie and Profit

Kerrie & Prophet


Jody & Shazaam

Jody & Shazaam


Sera's colt at Neverland Farm

Sera's new colt

Green Mountain Hounds Hunter Pace
Green Mtn Hounds Hunter Pace
Oct '13

Shelley & Bella



Horses Hinesburg

Oodles & Sylvie

Horses events Neverland farm

MacKenzie & Erin
with Sylvie & Rio


Events horses  blue ribbon

Jody & Zaam


horse riding

Suki & Sizzle


Ride for the Cure

Oodles goes for 'The Cure'


Suki Flash horse trainer



Horses Hinesburg

Oodles & Sylvie


riding horses

Paulla & St. Josie


riding horses Hinesburg

Josie & Tie


blue ribbon event Hinesburg

Kerrie & Rocky


All American Breeders winner

Oodles at All American
Breeders Competition


Eventing Suki flash

Suki & Eliza Doo


Mmichael Barisone Clinic Suki Flash

Suki at Michael Barisone Clinic


Suki Flash Neverland Farm VT

Eliza Doo jumping


Neverland farm Vermont

Enjoying a summer day


Vanessa & Tica


Suki & Eliza Doo at GMHA

Second Wind


Enjoying GMHA


Geezer racing Grace


Cooling down... Irish style


Eliza Doo


Galatea & Leapin' Lizzie


Betty & Cocomo


Playing at GMHA


Enjoying the day at GMHA


How it all began...

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