~ Lessons ~

At Neverland Farm, Suki Flash, offers lessons
throughout the year for beginner through
experienced riders. Beginners focus on
developing a balanced seat to
encourage safe riding then
can progress into dressage,
cross country and
stadium jumping
& trail skills.

Lessons include instruction in proper horse care,
grooming, safe handling, maintaining tack
… and fun camaraderie!

We offer private and semi-private
45 minute lessons covering:

    - dressage
    - cross country jumping
    - stadium jumping
    - fox hunting
    - combined training
    - show preparation
    - finding balance seat
    - guidance & helpful tips
    - problem solving

For riders without horses, our well trained school
horses are available for lessons. In addition,
we have horses available to lease
and half lease.

We off a full schedule of schooling, shows,
sanctioned events, dressage shows, clinics,
fox hunting … and lots of fun!

Coaching is available at many events. All training
programs are customized to support the
horse and rider as they work
toward their goals.

Neverland Farm offers a supportive environment
filled with good people & positive energy.
To get a sense of what we are about,
contact Suki to set up an
appointment to observe
a lesson and
learn more.

Suki offers consulting services to assist people in
locating and selecting the right horse for their
experience level and goals. She is also
available to advise on barn
construction, design and
upgrades to improve
the efficiency of
your barn.

Peyton on Maverick
while Suki helps
with leg
Zabou after her first
jumping lesson with
Suki in Costa
Jody on Zaam

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